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Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

When it comes to technology and music, Grandma and Grandpa are stealing the show, proving they’ve got more than just a few hits left in their playlist.

Well, Grandma has traded her apron for AirPods and is jamming to her favorite tunes on Spotify faster than you can say “shuffle mode.” With access to millions of songs at our fingertips, her playlist is more diverse than her prized collection of family photos.

But it doesn’t stop there. Grandpa’s got hiseye on the prize too, and he’s not letting a little thing like retirement slow him down. Thanks to GarageBand, he’s become the maestro of the digital age, composing symphonies that would make Beethoven blush. Who knew his new hobby would lead to a side gig as a techno-rockstar?

Valerie Buckley, a retired physician who lives on Jacksonville’s Southside, grew up listening to music as a favorite pastime in her family’s household. “My parents stressed the importance of education in our house. My siblings and I studied and read books all the time.

When we listened to our favorite albums and danced with one another it was the best time of my life,” Buckley said.

With karaoke apps transforming living rooms into makeshift stages, we’re belting out ballads and dropping beats like it’s nobody’s business and we’ve got the wrinkles to prove it.

Buckley says, “My son encouraged me to listen to music on all of my electronic devices. If I’m working in the yard I’ll open mySpotify app and use my JBL wireless speaker. When I’m out walking in the neighborhood, I’ll wearmy ear buds. I won’t pay for the subscriptionso I have to listen to the commercials but I’ve gotten used to them.”

From accidentally sending voice commands to the TV remote to discovering that “Bluetooth” isn’t just a dental condition, the new journey into the digital world is a comedy of errors that keeps the whole family laughing.

But beneath the laughter lies a heartwarming truth: technology isn’t just changing the way older adults listen to music; it’s changing the way they live. So, here’s to the silver surfers, the disco divas, and the golden oldies who are turning up the volume on life one beat at a time.


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