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Donna Goddard: Notes to Myself

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Q: What advice would you give your younger self to prepare for the second half of life’s amazing journey?

A: My advice to my younger self would be to slow down and savor the moment. Be patient. Don’t be afraid to look silly or fail. Trust your gut. Take more risks and go on more adventures and lastly, everything always works out the way it’s suppose to work out and don’t forget to laugh!

Q: At age 70, what would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

A: Going back to school after the birth of my two girls was big and changed my life; raising two strong independent daughters has enriched my life beyond measure; I’ve had professional success in marketing and advertising, but the greatest accomplishment was being able to take care of my mom in her final years. Nothing compared to the joy of being able to take care of her, respecting her wishes and protecting her dignity up to her last breath.

Q: What keeps you motivated and active post retirement?

A: I believe that no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to live your best life. I have too much I still want to do. They’re too many places I haven’t seen and too many things I haven’t done. One of my favorite lines is from Auntie Mame, “Life is a banquet, but most poor suckers are starving to death.” There’s no time to tarry.

Q: What are some of your family traditions?

A: I  love Christmas – decorating, sending out cards,  music, baking cookies and watching Holiday Classics. My favorite is “A Lion in Winter”. Not exactly the traditional holiday classic, but it doesn’t get any better than Katherine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole and the Christmas season of 1183. Christmas Eve is usually spent with friends sharing good friends.This year will be extra special since I’ll have both my daughters together. I love to drive around and look at the Christmas lights, but doesn’t everyone? 

Photo Credit: Renee Parenteau


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