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Living through the reels of our most cherished cinematic marvel, a film isn’t just a flickering screen but a gateway to nostalgia. It’s the tale that captured our hearts, evoked laughter, and maybe even caused a tear shed or two. First Coast Senior Living asked several local residents to tell us about their favorite movie, and why it resonated with them. Grab your popcorn, settle into your chair, and let’s dive into the magic of your favorite films!

Galaxy Quest

Richard Cuff Photo

“It reminds me of my wife. Our first date was at the library. Miriam would go to the library every three weeks to get a new stack of books. When we decided to start a family she wanted to stay home from work. So, we had to sell our second car, get rid of cable and cut costs. She started getting movies from the library and one day she came home with the movie, Galaxy Quest.

The movie is about aliens at a convention and it’s so funny. I’ve watched that movie one hundred times. I still watch it even now that my wife has passed away. Not only is it my favorite movie. It’s my favorite moment because it reminds me of her and her love of the library.”

Richard Cuff, Northside

James Bond 007 

Paul Healy Photo

“The James Bond movies are great guys movies. Who doesn’t love 007 action-packed scenes, charm, and super cool gadgets? Bond is the definition of fresh. Plus, the exotic locations and high-stakes missions are always exciting. It’s like stepping into an adrenaline-fueled adventure where anything can happen. Whether it’s the car chases, intense fights, or Bond’s witty one-liners, I get to escape reality and live on the streets of beautiful cities through him.”

Paul Healy, San Marco


“I’m a film fanatic, so it’s hard to decide. I have so many favorites… but I’ll choose Moonstruck, because it was my mother’s favorite film. I loved how she loved it. Yes, it’s a bit corny, but brilliant. Life can throw some unexpected twists and turns at you. Life happens, and while you may not have been wishing for or looking for change, those changes often turn out to be very positive and fulfilling; sometimes the best thing that ever happened to you. The movie highlights the importance of family, of the futility of holding a grudge, of forgiveness. My mother was a romantic — she and my dad had a love story that lasted for 70 years.”

Elizabeth Augustus, Miramar

Photo Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko


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