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Rowing Adventures: On Water or in Your Gym

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Rowing is a versatile and engaging sport that comes in two distinct forms – water rowing and erg (indoor) rowing. Both offer unique experiences and advantages, making rowing a well-rounded fitness choice for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Peter King celebrated winning first place in a World Rowing Federation competition (rowing a single) in 2018.

Water rowing is the traditional and often picturesque side of the sport. It involves propelling a boat through open water using oars and is often associated with scenic rivers, tranquil lakes, and competitive regattas. Water rowers must master the art of timing and synchronization to achieve the smooth, powerful strokes that move a boat efficiently through the water.

Peter King, second from right in the photo above, rows a quad on Pottsburg Creek with teammates. A regular in local and regional rowing competitions, King says competing forces you out of your comfort zone and improves your rowing competency.

Erg rowing takes place indoors on a rowing machine known as an ergometer or “erg.” It simulates the experience of rowing on water and is widely used for training and fitness purposes. Erg rowing is accessible, convenient, and weather-proof, making it an ideal option for people seeking an intense and efficient workout.

Row House San Marco offers 24 rowing stations and the first class is free. What are you waiting for?  Grab a friend and get rowing!

“Rowing is a total body workout impacting both your cardiovascular system and 86% of your muscle groups,” says Jessica Eilbeck, owner of Row House San Marco. “It’s low impact, high intensity, and accessible to all fitness levels and ages. It also builds core strength, which enhances the ability to perform common activities of daily living.”

Whether you prefer the challenge of rowing on water or the convenience of an erg machine, rowing offers a dynamic path to fitness and well-being. It’s a sport that welcomes beginners and challenges seasoned athletes, providing both physical and mental rewards. So, if you find yourself on the water or seated at an erg, the world of rowing is yours to explore, delivering the joys of fitness and the thrill of the oar.


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