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Senior Centers Are A New Kind of Club

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Meet new friends. Learn new skills. Explore culture. Today’s centers for active adults are not about teaching needlepoint and baking cookies. Don’t be confused but senior centers recognize that active adults have busy lives, and they provide drop-in options for activities, events and meals allowing participants to come and go as they please.

Given the prevalence of technology, they offer technology training and support, and access to digital resources, helping active seniors stay connected and informed. Cultural events, book clubs, language classes and educational seminars cater to intellectual interests and lifelong learning of this age group. Wellness and health programs are key components, and most facilities provide cafes with nutritional meals, fitness centers, wellness classes, and access to health care professionals at no cost to local residents aged 60 or older.

Every individual is unique, and the centers allow participants to customize their experience, selecting activities and services that align with their interests and needs. Visit one in your neighborhood!

In Duval County, you’ll find a network of 18 Jacksonville Senior Centers, dedicated to providing a range of valuable services to our senior community. These centers offer nutritionally balanced midday meals every Monday through Friday, with an additional breakfast service on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Moreover, transportation services are available on weekdays to ensure seniors can easily access the centers, and the best part is, it won’t cost you a dime. You can reach out to the Senior Services Transportation Coordinator at (904) 630-0801 or contact the center closest to you for more details on this convenient transportation service.

Beyond providing meals and transportation, Community and Senior Centers cater to individuals age 60 and over with a variety of essential services and activities, including:

  • Engaging activities and programs to keep you active and social.
  • Nutritious meals designed to meet your dietary needs.
  • Counseling services to support your emotional well-being.
  • Health education programs to help you stay informed about your health.
  • Health support services to address your medical needs.
  • Assistance with shopping to make daily life more manageable.
  • Computer classes to help you stay connected in the digital age.
  • Homemaking services for added convenience and support.

For more information, contact the Senior Center nearest to you or call (904) 255-5400. Additionally, you can explore more by visiting the City of Jacksonville to view information on Senior centers, as well as temporary closures.

Duval County Senior Centers

Bennie Furlong Beaches Senior Center
281 19th Avenue South (32250)

Carvill Park Senior Center
1302 Carvill Avenue (32208)

Charlie T. Joseph Senior Center
6943 Buffalo Avenue (32208)

Frances Padgett Arlington Senior Center
1078 Rogero Road (32211)

J.S. Johnson Senior Center
1112 Jackson Street (32204)

Jim Fortuna Senior Center
11751 McCormick Road (32225)

Lane Wiley Senior Center
6710 Wiley Road (32210)

Leroy D. Clemons Senior Center
55 N. Jackson Avenue (32220)

Lincoln LaVilla Senior Center
7866 New Kings Road (32219)

Mandarin Senior Center
3848 Hartley Road (32257)

Mary Singleton Senior Center
150 E 1st Street (32206)

Maxville Senior Center
18065 Pennsylvania Avenue (32234)

Oceanway Senior Center
12215 West Sago (32218)

Riverview Senior Center
9620 Water Street (32208)

Southside Community Center
10080 Beach Boulevard. (32224)


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