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Solo Traveler’s Journey: Alone But Not Lonely

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Traveling solo later in life can be a liberating experience. “I’ve solo traveled for more than thirty years now and it has spoiled me,” says Cinda Sherman, 61, founder of Jacksonville’s Arbus Magazine. “When one travels solo they’re really never alone because it opens up conversations with strangers. People are more willing to converse when you’re by yourself. I’ve met some incredibly interesting people traveling solo.”

Cinda Sherman kayaking through semi-frozen waters of the Canadian glaciers surrounded by icebergs and wilderness.

Sherman braved a Canadian glacier kayaking adventure last summer, including a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier. “One does not often equate snow, let alone glaciers, with kayaking, yet as crazy as it sounds, we kayaked through semi-frozen slushy waters of a Canadian glacier nestled amongst the Lillooet Mountain ranges,” she says. “The glacial lakes start to thaw in late spring, creating aquamarine waterways—that unmistakable, glacial blue.”

Annette Anderson exploring the streets of Bellinzona, Switzerland with an Italian vibe.

“I travel to test my skills at sashaying with fear, self-doubt and stereotypes,” says Annette Anderson, 68, a writer, seamstress and stylist who recently spent eight months traversing solo through Europe and North Africa. “I also travel to immerse myself in cultural beauty in all of its many forms: art, music, food, geography, architecture, language, rituals, manners of conveyance, fashion, theater, people. Then I come back to my papasan chair and feel that I have grown yet another heart.”

Connecting with the outdoors fosters an appreciation for life and beauty of the natural world.

Bonnie Arnold connects with the outdoors to foster an appreciation for life and beauty of the natural world.

Bonnie Arnold often traveled solo when she was in her 70s. Now retired from her business, Bonnie’s Floral Designs, she had a cozy camper named “Blossom” that she towed behind her SUV to area campgrounds. When asked about her favorite part of traveling solo she says, “The peace and tranquility of being in the midst of Mother Nature in the woods or mountains energizes my battery. Whether sun, rain, day, nite, sunrise or sunset…or stormy. I love the sounds of rain and storms; The sounds of weather and the magic of wildlife, especially birds and deer. When I camp I set up bird feeders. Within minutes I have numerous birds welcoming me. “What is my favorite part of traveling solo?”…. Being one with Mother Nature… it soothes and nurtures my soul.” 

Top 10 Tips for Solo Travel

1. Plan: Research, create an itinerary, and book accommodations.

2. Share Plans: Keep loved ones informed.

3. Pack Light: Travel with minimal luggage.

4. Stay Aware: Trust your instincts, avoid risks.

5. Choose Wisely: Opt for solo-friendly accommodations.

6. Use Tech: Utilize travel apps and gadgets.

7. Connect: Meet locals and fellow travelers.

8. Insure Yourself: Get comprehensive travel insurance.

9. Learn Basics: Know a few local phrases.

10. Embrace Freedom: Enjoy the independence of solo travel.

Photo Credit Top: Daria Obymaha


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