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Kate Hendrix and her daughters Mone’t Pearson and Kezia Rolle.

Kate Hendrix

“The holidays are always filled with holiday cheer for us with plenty of food, laughter, and great memories. The memories of Christmas start with the baking of my famous sweet potato pies. I make ten and distribute them to my family and friends. Next, I prepare the juicy Butterball turkey that my husband Tom would carve to perfection. Festivities in the kitchen continue with the preparation of my mouth watering cornbread dressing, collard greens, potato salad, ham, chitterlings, rice and other favorites.

“Family is a gift that lasts forever, and I am truly blessed to have mine. When you have a family, you have everything. God blessed me with two loving daughters who grew up with gifts of travel. My friends would often ask why we took our kids everywhere. I responded because I want them to see the world with me. We kept our girls busy with private schools, dance classes, and majorette camps. As the owner of my hair salon for fifty years and being a wife to my husband, Tom for over fifty five years, I am constantly on the go. When I’m asked if I’m retired, the answer is no. I still work in the salon four days a week. Two years ago, I lost my husband and our lives have definitely changed.

As a mother, I instilled certain characteristics and traditions in my children, but I never knew they would pursue modeling and the beauty industry as I did. Mone’t and Kezia find happiness by being the captains of their own ships as entrepreneurs just like their mother, and father, who was a top career executive with Greyhound. Happy Holidays from our home to yours.”

Mary Fisher and Judy Ellis.

Mary Fisher

The holiday season holds a special place in my heart because it’s filled with happiness, joy, a little wine-drinking, belly laughs, and a touch of craziness. One of the reasons I enjoy this time of year is the opportunity to wear the wackiest Christmas costumes and win contests. I have been spotted as a colorful Christmas tree with very itchy tinsel and 3D ornaments making it nearly impossible to sit down, or bright green pigtailed hair Cindy Lou Who. Attending lively holiday parties is a huge highlight for me. Gatherings are always full of lively cheer, wine, bubbly and my “As Seen On TV” gift exchanges are always a crowd favorite. On occasion, I am known for my mischievous streak – the art of snatching an unsuspecting persons’ Christmas decorations. While this may raise a few eyebrows, it’s all in good fun and adds an element of playfulness to the holiday spirit. My friend Judy Ellis and I once snatched a couple of snowman decorations that adorned a friend’s front door. With these playful pranks and unlikely traditions, the holidays become a time of excitement and reconnection with family and friends making each year a cherished chapter in my life.

Cynthia and Kenneth Nixon with family.

The Nixon Family

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of year at my house. I make home feel like a big warm embrace so my children would look forward to coming home for the holidays. Our traditions are attending church on Christmas Eve, cooking our New Orleans style Christmas meal, decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies, snuggling in front of the fireplace and enjoying wine with friends.

We never cheat and we don’t open gifts until the entire family can be together. Even when my husband was away while he was in the Navy, and my daughter couldn’t come home because of her medical residency program, we waited for that call, or until we could face-time, to have that once per year special family time together.

We’re empty-nesters now and our children are starting their own families, and will want to start their own traditions. For me, I plan to continue most of my traditions with my husband Kenneth of forty years which includes celebrating his birthday with friends on December 22nd.

Desmond and Joanne Cline-Smythe and friend Jeff Taylor.

Joanne & Desmond Cline-Smythe

“The holiday season is a time of reflection of the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us. For my family, it is a time to give thought to how you have helped in the past, and can help others in the future. Giving to those who have less than you can be a blessing in and of itself as the cheerful giver is loved and remembered. I enjoy celebrating with family and friends. Most of the time we break tradition and have a few spontaneous couple of days together with no pressure to be anyone other than ourselves.We definitely let our hair down at my house. Let us rejoice and love one another as He loved us. Merry Christmas to you!


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